1. To create a Metamask wallet you need to download the extension/app
Metamask download

2. When you open the application you just installed you will see this

Press the get started button to got to the next step.

3. Here you have two different choices. Since we are making a new wallet we will press the “Create New Wallet” button

If you wish to import an already existing wallet you can check out this “Importing wallet in Metamask”

4. Read through and agree to continiue

5. Create a password (For this we recommend using Bitwarden. Bitwarden is an integrated open-source password management solution for individuals, teams, and business organizations.)

6. Watch the video to learn how to secure your Metamask wallet.

7. Click to reveal your secret recovery code. This will be needed to back up and restore your account. (store the code in a safe place like Bitwarden)

8. Confirm your secret code by selecting each phrase in order.

9. Now you are all done and ready to set up your OpenSea account!



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