1. To start setting up your OpenSea account you first need to go to opensea.io

2. When you’re on the homepage of OpenSea you will see a bar on the top right.

Press the account button marked with a red circle.

3. Here you have to connect with you’re Metamask wallet. (Or any of the other wallets if you have one)

4. Select the Metamask account you want to sign in with. (If you have multiple Metamask wallets there will be a list of different accounts to choose from)

Press the next button to continue.

4. Press connect to connect your Metamask wallet to your OpenSea

5. You have now created an OpenSea account, and now you want to customize your profile. To do this you have to press the settings icon marked with red.

6. Sign in again to access the settings

7. Here you will gain access to all you’re OpenSea profile settings



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